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247Composite becoming the 247Sports Composite

I began the process today of re-branding the 247Composite, the 247Sports Composite. That may not sound like much. It’s a fairly easy change, but it’s a significant development in my eyes. It means that we created something that has passed the test and have done it better than others.

When we built the 247Sports Composite a couple of summers ago we hoped that it would become the ultimate resource for those seeking an unbiased player and team ranking. There’s no doubt that it has. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s really you’re only legitimate choice. We weren’t the first to do this, we just did it the best. Others pieced together basic rankings based on simple calculations any message board personality with 15 minutes to spare could do. I actually enjoyed it when message board posters did it, not so much when publications did it. It was too easy. I couldn’t settle for something someone could do with 15 minutes to spare.

Today the 247Sports Composite is by far the most comprehensive player and team ranking out there. Where else would you find more than 3000 recruits ranked and rated nationally? It doesn’t exist. We embraced our shortcomings and came up with a solution that simply works. 247Sports is not afraid to admit that we do not see every recruit that signs each year. The fact is no one does. So what are you going to do about it? The old way, still currently used, is to throw the lowest two star rating on the recruit if he commits or signs and call it a day. At least with the composite, if someone has seen the recruit, he may receive a better representation than a default two stars.

Some say, “But, Noah I love and respect your experts and can’t stand how bad [insert network’s name here]’s rankings are!” I completely understand that, and I too believe our experts are the best (and it’s not very close). However, I’ve watched trends and rankings enough that I do not see enough of a dispute at the end of a recruiting cycle to differentiate the services much. I guarantee if I took one recruiting services ranking and pasted another service’s name on it 90% of users would not know what just happened.

The 247Sports Composite is not perfect, but we took it to another level than had ever been done before. Every recruit that is rated somewhere gets a composite rating. No other service comes close to that, even the shadow of the juggernaut we built at Rivals a long time ago. The 247Sports Composite, along with individual recruit rating/rankings history and the Crystal Ball gives the users a completely unbiased and clear view of a recruits history and what his future may be.

“All day, All Week” has become “All Inclusive” too.

About Noah Stanley

Noah Stanley has 15 years experience in the subscription-based affinity site industry working in multiple networks and roles. He is currently the COO of 247Sports with a focus on tech, products and mobile.

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