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Fournette Crystal Ball

247Sports Crystal Ball push notes

Along with the Crystal Ball 2.0 additions, we’ll be fitting in a few bugs fixes as well. Below is the list and some notes on things coming tonight. Apologies in advance for misspellings. This was typed up very quickly.

247Sports Crystal Ball 2.0 additions

  • Crystal Ball Trends: The player prediction page no longer just shows the list of expert predictions. We’ve added:
    • The graph: This shows the expert predictions month to month and the changes each school had throughout the process. This gives the user a view of how the experts saw this recruit’s recruitment process through the crystal ball. The graph doesn’t catch every single change by an singular expert. It shows the snapshot at the time of the month.
    • Expert breakdown: A quick snapshot of what the Top Experts (based on expert ranking – see below), Local Experts (by expert who is noted as an expert of one of the schools listed as possible landing spots for the recruit), National Experts (any expert noted as a National or Regional expert)
    • Top {team} predictors: In this section we list the top five experts based on points awarded to the expert on predictions for that school, and what that expert is predicting for the this recruit.
    • Points: Once committed the points awarded to the expert will be displayed next to his/her prediction. As noted below, the expert rankings use a Guassian distribution, so the expert receives a percentage of those points in his/her point total.
  • Expert Point System: Added an expert Crystal Ball scoring system. The system is weighted by a recruits composite rating at the time of his commitment, the amount of time ahead an expert correctly predicted the commitment and by how many others had correctly predicted the commitment before the expert. The overall rank is determined by a Gaussian distribution formula (a bell curve), where an expert’s best prediction (worth the greatest amount of points) is worth the most points.
  • Expert Ranking display: Both football and basketball now show a ranking based on their points
  • Added a Zero Zone that awards no points for or correct predictions for predictions made within an hour before the commitment. The expert receive no correct benefits, but does receive an incorrect prediction if they are wrong.
  • Added FOGGY status for times when experts have made a previous prediction that they no longer feel strong about, but are uncertain of where the recruit may go at the current time. FOGGY counts as incorrect.
  • Added a Flip Alert icon to highlight when an expert is predicting a committed recruit to another school. Flip Alert is not currently needed to land a correct prediction on a flip. any expert with that school predicted (flip or not) will get credit. This is mostly a visual representation for the experts. It’s possible we create scoring for those only predicting a  correct flip in the future. Flips become incorrect when the recruit signs.
  • Expert pages got a facelift and now display the points the received for4 each correct predictions and their rank in the expert rankings
  • Added links to main navigation for expert rankings
  • Added the ability to give points to experts who correctly predicted a recruit’s commitment before the recruit was rated
  • Mobile: Every new addition, minus the graph (for now) is available on our mobile site too!

Crystal Ball changes (not additions, just changes on how things were handled before)

  • Added a twitter box to allow allow expert to tweet while making their prediction
  • Pagination on expert and prospect predictions now controlled through an image instead of link
  • Added more Crystal Ball team percentages on mobile
  • Moved the Crystal Ball modules higher up on home and recruit pages
  • Fixed issue where de-committed kids were not updating an expert’s overall correct percentage.
  • Made the latest expert predictions sport specific when user is looking at a specific groups of sport predictions for the expert. It was showing simply the latest predictions overall.
  • Fixed a bug on test server that allowed expert to predict a recruit more than once
  • Changed up the Crystal Ball module on player and home pages
  • Cleaned up the year flyout on prediction pages

Non-Crystal Ball bug fixes and enhancements

  • Added a mini-header to the top of supplemental recruit pages like videos, photos and predictions
  • Major page load enhancements. We’ve added several new techniques to speed up data heavy pages up to ~50 times faster in some cases
  • Changed the look of the expert tweet modules on recruit and home pages to fit twitter’s guidelines
  • Added View All links to football and basketball commit and team ranking modules
  • Extended the years available for team schedules to support future schedules
  • Fixed recently added boards to allow pagination of posts
  • Fixed the number of stars a basketball class has on the team rankings
  • Added some visual improvements to the mobile player pages like images for related articles and reduced spacing in the timeline
  • Fixed the look of player and coach search on mobile
  • Lapsed users eligible for AAVIP that re-activate will now receive it
  • Fixed issue where visit dates overlap on tablet view
  • Fixed an issue where the early enrollee incon was not displaying prior to signing
  • Fixed an issue where the VIP icon was dipping into headlines
  • Fixed an issue with the Timeline Events controller


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