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247Sports Tips: My Boards tool

How do you get your favorite boards to show up on your main user menu at the top of 247Sports? Follow these five steps and begin jumping from board to board faster than ever before with your My Boards menu.

1. Log into your 247Sports account. This feature is free to all users, but you must be logged in. If you don’t have a free account, you may register one here.
2. Go to the board that you want to add to your My Boards menu.


The view when logged into 247Sports with the alias in the top right.

3. Once you’re on the board, click on the Follow Board button on the right just above the topics and circled in the image below.

Follow Board button

The Follow Board button

4. Hit refresh
5. Look at the top right of the page and notice the new My Boards menu in your user nav (red circle at the top). If you want to remove the board from your list, click the new Unfollow Board link circled above the topics.

My Boards

My Boards menu in the user nav

This is one of my favorite features while surfing the 247Sports network, and one that is underutilized.

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