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247Sports RSS

247Sports RSS feeds: All content or free articles only

247Sports has two RSS feeds available for those interested in pulling team site, or network content. The first feed pulls every piece of content from the site you are on regardless of what sport, what recruiting class, or whether it’s VIP or free. The second pulls only free articles written by the site. Here’s where to find article feeds on 247Sports.

1. The easiest place to find the generic RSS link for a site is by clicking the RSS button on the top right of the site.

247Sports RSS

2. You may also find this link on the Articles page (under News in the main navigation, and then Articles).


3. Finally, if you want an RSS feed that shows only the free articles from a site, you have to add some text to the existing link. The generic RSS links look something like this (each site’s varies a little in name):

To make these RSS feeds show only free articles from these site, you must add the word Public before Articles.rss. For instance:

This works for each site on our network. If you have any other questions about the available RSS feeds on the 247Sports leave a comment, or ask me on twitter.

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