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247Sports tech update – January 2014

January is typically a slow month for new products, and heavy on making sure we’ve done everything to handle the traffic we’re going to see leading up the National Signing Day. The last thing you want during the busiest time of year is to go down or have any outages. In addition to this preparation, 247Sports has a few other things going on that I’ll get to in the bullets below.

January 247Sports tech overview

National Signing Day Prep: While most of this work was done in December, we still have a few lingering issues that we’d like to wrap up before NSD, most notably the “You should not be here” issue, and dependencies. We are going to leave a few bugs as is for now. Most of these are ones users and admins do not know exist. The reasoning behind it is the board release coming after NSD. It’s essentially a completely new site when we add the updated board technology, everything is affected. Therefore, it makes little sense to fix something on the current system that no one is bothered by today. Instead, we’ll fix it on the board branch and it will go out with the release.

Board re-write: The team is also spending a lot of time on getting the board branch set for release. Right now, we’re debugging everything. We hope to get the branch stable and stress tested in the upcoming weeks. Based on test findings, we’ll make adjustments to the branch. The plan is to get this out before March, but there’s still a ton left.

Training/Hiring: We added a new team member in December and while he’s got the handle of things, there are still things that are important for him to learn. We’re also expanding our team once again (see below) and in the process of hiring another developer or two to support this initiative.

ComicBook.com: Our team is expanding to help support one of the fastest growing sites around the comic book industry, ComicBook.com. Along with technical and design support, we’ll be working with them to build a platform to sustain their growth and expand the depth of the site. These enhancements are intended to work hand-in-hand with the 247Sports platform so that one team benefits from the others work moving forward.

New product prep: Though I don’t expect any new products coming immediately after NSD, we still need to plan the next group of enhancements or new features. Preparation (mocks, strategy, user feedback) is going on right now for things like (Note: some code names are listed below that I cannot disclose any other information at this time):

  • User Crystal Ball
  • Crystal Ball module and page redesign
  • Crystal Ball trends for experts
  • Board features
  • Bolts
  • Expert Profile enhancements
  • CB Against the S
  • Mobile
  • Homepage module redesign
  • Header redesign – mini header creation
  • ComicBook.com redesign
  • Fall recruiting database update (enhancements, new feeds)


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Noah Stanley has 15 years experience in the subscription-based affinity site industry working in multiple networks and roles. He is currently the COO of 247Sports with a focus on tech, products and mobile.

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