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247Sports Twitter Analytics

247Sports twitter card analytics and Justin Hopkins

I’ve had a good time reviewing the twitter card analytics of the 50+ twitter accounts 247Sports manages each day. There were not too many surprises. For the most part, I was just happy Adam Dillon and I took an hour to get twitter cards working throughout 247Sports last year.

The Basics

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter Card Analytics, it’s a product twitter came out with earlier this year that helps you gain some insight into how your content is performing on Twitter (The Twitter Developer Blog breaks it down). It also does a solid job of giving you a snapshot of your follower rate/demographics and tweet engagement. There are alternatives out there, but for this post’s purposes, I’m looking at Twitter Card Analytics exclusively.

My Experience with the Tools (simplified to just the @247Sports account)

For the most part I had a good idea already through other tracking products or general experience of who and what made up most of our twitter experience. We do not have a social media specialist at 247Sports or ComicBook, so many of us have stayed involved at some level with our social accounts.

For instance, I wasn’t surprised when I saw a big jump in followers on National Signing Day. We intended to have a good day. We executed a plan I came up with and it worked (thankfully). We actually had to scale it back at one point because we received an unexpected amount of traffic when a competitor had some issues. I’ve used that same plan a few times since and have seen varying degrees of success, each still very much 9x to 19x our normal reach. I also wasn’t surprised to see that JC Shurburtt was one of our leading influencers.

What did grab me was how people interacted with different types of media (using the tweets section of the tool). For example, this #tbt tweet of Nick Saban did not come close to the highest retweeted posts, but its image generated many more clicks than our normal posts (which do well). That kind of improved interaction is not something I would not have naturally assumed based on the number of favorites and retweets the post had.

It’s clear (and was before looking at this report) we need to improve our twitter strategy on the 247Sports account to be more than retweeters or our publishers and staff. When we do get original, we have great success on twitter.

The other surprise was the list of influencers. It was no big surprise to see JC, 247Sports, Steve Wiltfong, Kipp Adams or Barton Simmons on the list. Those accounts cover a wide variety of recruiting interests and have 10k+ followers. It wasn’t surprising to see Jerry Meyer in the top 10 either, but his No. 4-rank was. Jerry is awesome, but we’re not exactly the go-to place for hoops recruiting yet. I was very to happy to see that, and it’s a credit to Jerry for making it happen.

There were four influencers that were the biggest surprises to me:

  • Lions247 & SteveLorenz in the top 10: It’s good to see local sites and publishers with this large of an influence on the 247Sports account. Their focus is to drive traffic to their site respectively, which they do (top referrers for both site accounts). It was just surprising for them to also have a large influence on 247Sports compared to others.
  • Myself (NoahStanley247) in the top 10: I cannot explain how I am in the top 10. Yes, I tweet a lot of 247Sports stuff, but nowhere near most of our accounts or staff. I’ll take it while it lasts.
  • Justin Hopkins at the top spot: Justin would have been in my top 10, but I would not have pegged him for No. 1 overall. He has under 10k followers and covers a region that 247Sports does not have the most users in at this time. His impressions are twice as much as No. 2 … impressive.

247Sports Twitter Analytics

What are your thoughts on twitter card analytics or the rankings above? Leave comment below, or let me know on twitter.

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Noah Stanley has 15 years experience in the subscription-based affinity site industry working in multiple networks and roles. He is currently the COO of 247Sports with a focus on tech, products and mobile.

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