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Using Topsy to review 247Sports on twitter

Lately, I’ve been using several free services to get an idea of how we’re doing on twitter. None of them are exact, but they give me a good enough idea if our efforts are having an impact.

I wanted to see if we were getting our content on twitter. I know that’s not the best or only way to measure success, but it’s what I was interested in at the time. After trying a few other services, I found Topsy’s Social Analytics to be the simplest at delivering me a snapshot quickly. The free Topsy service is not the complete picture. It provides just a subset of the analysis available in Topsy Pro meant to give you a high-level snapshot of the momentum and direction of the social conversation around a topic or domain. With this in mind, I compared our results with several of our competitors to judge what the trends were. For instance, if I compared 247Sports.com to ESPN.go.com, 247Sports should get crushed (it did). Topsy did a good job with showing the trends, but I could tell my very basic searches on the free service left the door open for some missed data. After testing some more with what I felt were a few top subdomains within each network, I decided to use just high level domains and accounts to grab my snapshots.

The results showed that 247Sports was doing a good job of getting its name and urls on twitter. When compared to our main competitors,  247Sports was trending No. 1 among influencers at the amount of links being tweeted by 30% according to Topsy.

Topsy football recruiting
I would have been pleased with being in the same ballpark considering we do not have a social media specialists. It was nice to see us have a large lead among influencers on National Signing Day too. Using a number of different tools, I feel confident that we received more mentions, tweets of our urls and more followers than our main competitors that day. I did some digging into the types of mentions too, and one of our competitor’s numbers were inflated by a lot of negative tweets, so I feel even better about the snapshot.

Based off of the free Topsy social analytics tool, 247Sports also did very well among influencers in the @ mentions too.

Topsy 247Sports
It’s great to see that with little effort, and no dedicated resources we are showing signs of doing well with twitter. It also makes it clear that with a little focused effort, we could have a much larger impact.

If you have any thoughts, or recommendations of other free analytics programs I should try out, let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on twitter at @NoahStanley247.

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