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247Sports Crystal Ball

July 247Sports Crystal Ball notes & numbers

Here’s a look at the Top 10 Most Viewed Crystal Ball player pages and experts. For those of you new to the Crystal, here’s a description from the 247Sports Product Guide:

Crystal Ball allows 247Sports experts and other recruiting experts outside of the 247Sports network to project where recruits will eventually sign. Crystal Ball records the date of the projection and any subsequent changes throughout the recruiting cycle. With Crystal Ball, users will have more intelligence on the eventual destination of a recruit and will be able to monitor key trends throughout the recruiting process.

Top 10 Most Viewed Player Crystal Balls

  1. Jermaine Eluemunor: Commited to Arkansas (Crystal Ball 89% to Arkansas)
  2. Ermon Lane: Uncommitted (92% to Florida)
  3. Brandon Harris: Committed to LSU (97% to LSU)
  4. Braxton Berrios: Uncommitted (61% Miami)
  5. Lorenzo Carter: Uncommitted (93% Alabama)
  6. Da’Shawn Hand: Uncommitted (67% Michigan)
  7. Cameron Robinson: Uncommitted (52% Alabama, 48% LSU)
  8. Austin Roberts: Committed to UCLA (77% UCLA)
  9. Leonard Fournette: Uncommitted (92% LSU)
  10. Joe Mixon: Uncommitted (63% USC, 21% Oklahoma)

Top 10 Most Viewed Experts

  1. Jerry Meyer: His page was the overall (player or expert)  most viewed Crystal Ball page by a large margin (50% greater than 2nd place Jermaine Eluemunor)
  2. JC Shurburtt: 15th overall. 189 correct. Average days out correct: 19.97
  3. Barton Simmons: 109 correct, 20.77 days out
  4. Tom Loy: 56 correct, 13.2 days out
  5. Demetric Warren: Most viewed non-247Sports expert (VarsityPreps.com). 146 correct, 13.37 days out
  6. Justin Hopkins: 62 correct, 18.89 days out
  7. Shannon Terry: 247Sports CEO has 86 correct, 20.35 days out
  8. Brian Perroni: 62 correct, 25.52 days out
  9. Josh Newberg: 21 correct and an impressive 35.62 days out
  10. Steve Wiltfong: 75 correct, 15.97 days out


  • The most viewed Crystal Ball page was the lone 247Sports basketball recruiting expert, Jerry Meyer.
  • There were no basketball players in the Top 10. The highest ranked is Jahlil Okafor (97% Duke) at No. 47
  • Josh Newberg’s 35.62 was the highest recorded days with more than 25 results.
  • Barton Simmons’s 20.77 is the highest recorded days with more than 125 results.
  • JC Shurburtt’s 19.97 is the highest recorded days out with more than 200 results.
  • Steve Wiltfong’s 92.59% correct is the highest with 75 or more results.
  • July was the second highest month for Crystal Ball page views (June 2013)

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