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3 ways to get a recruiting profile on ESPN

I’ll just be going over the contact options for ESPN RecruitingNation in this article. For more about the process, and the information experts look for, please read our write-ups on getting a page on 247Sports, Rivals and Scout.

Despite having one the smallest number of staff members entering in data on recruits, ESPN RecruitingNation does a good job with its team getting players into the database. Through camp data and general player additions, most recruits have a good chance of getting a profile on ESPN. It just may be a case of whether it’s sooner or later in the process.

Here are three ways you may speed up the process:

  • Send your video (success rate: Low): You may mail in your highlight video to:

ESPN Recruiting
92 Montvale Ave.
Suite 4850
Stoneham, Mass., 02180

Be sure to include all of your bio and recruiting information too. In this day and age, I don’t know how much dvd, or video cassette review the staff does on unknown prospects, but it’s worth a shot.

  • Prospect Questionnaire (success rate: Medium to High depending on your recruiting and class): Essentially the same thing Rivals uses. You may fill out the questionnaire here. Again, you may skip most non-bio and non-recruiting related questions. If you have offers, or if you’re an underclassman with interest from BCS schools, you have a better chance of this technique working for you.
  • Contact a national or regional expert (success rate: Medium to High depending on your recruiting): ESPN RecruitingNation has a contact page for its national and regional football recruiting experts (it’s not currently up to date, but it’s close), and I tracked down these lists of football and  basketball recruiting staff on twitter. Like each of the other networks, your success in getting a profile page from contacting one of these experts is based off of contacting the most relevant expert, and having the recruiting interest to prompt contact. Unless you’re holding multiple offers from major Big 6 schools, avoid the national experts. Instead, reach out to the closest regional expert. They’ll have the most reasons to add you to the database of this group.

Even without the large number of team site publishers and staff members, ESPN RecruitingNation adds 1000s of profiles each recruiting year. They also do a lot with camp data. If you’re not having success through the traditional routes, try one of the three ways above.


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