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How to add your 247Sports page to your twitter profile

Linking to your 247Sports profile on your twitter account is an easy process that takes less than a minute to do. The link promotes your page on the 247Sports network where people may see your highlights from all sources, timeline events (camps, unofficial visits, official visits, accolades), stats, photos and more. Linking to your 247Sports also helps legitimize your page which moves another relevant link about you up the search engines, improving search results for coaches and others looking for information on you.

Follow these six easy steps:

1. First go to your player page and copy the link in the address bar (boxed in red)


2. Then go to twitter and click on the settings icon in the top right (circled in red)


3. Click the Settings link (circled in red)


4. Click the Profile link in the left nav (circled in red)


5. Paste your copied linked into the Website field on the page (boxed in red)


6. If you prefer to use the website field for another url, you may always add the link into the bio section of your twitter page too (boxed in red)


Still need a 247Sports player profile? If you have any more questions leave a comment or tweet me.

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