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Big Crystal Ball update tonight on 247Sports

Tonight the tech team, Pat Tholey and I will be heading back to the office around 10 pm CT  tonight to release the latest updates for the Crystal Ball. We’ll need to take the site down at midnight CT for a minimum of 40 minutes, but may be closer to a couple hours.

For those interested in the process, our CTO Cory Lovelace puts together a Push Plan for the night that goes through the technical steps to complete the release. Right now, we’re sitting at 19 steps including the final one to “High Five Everyone.” Once those steps are completed, and many times during those final steps we begin scanning the site testing the release. This is the time we find the easy to find bugs that anyone would notice and decide on whether to fix them now or wait until the morning when we are thinking clearer. Occasionally we find something that is bad enough for us to take the site down again, make a fix and try again.

The real test comes around 6:30 in the morning when traffic begins to come back to our network and things you cannot see in the middle of the night are exposed. Most of the time, there’s nothing. However, during major rewrites things happen, and the site can go south fast. The morning team does all they can to get us through this point while the night time team hustles to get back in at the earliest possible hour to support. Many times the night team is still there, because we’re expecting something and want to be ready. I do not expect any of this to be the case tomorrow.

Here’s hoping the high fives happen early and often tonight.

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