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Travis Rudolph

Big movers in the latest 247Composite

With the networks recently updating their 2014 national rankings, it’s time to look again at the 247Composite. There are 2,700 recruits now ranked in the 247Composite for 2014 with more being added each day. We break down some of the biggest risers and fallers in the 247Composite during the month of August.

Joey Alfieri

Joey Alfieri jumped 168 spots into the top 247.

Big gainers in the Top 100

  • 100. Travis Rudolph (+89): Entered the Top 100 in two services and is now ranked by all four.
  • 66. Chad Thomas (+50): The Miami commit is ranked by all four services,including a top 25 rank in one.
  • 86. Justin Brent (+36): Ranked in the top 100 by three services. The Notre Dame commit made all four lists.

Big drops in the Top 100

  • 128. Donell Stanley (-54): Fell out of the Top 100
  • 77. Hoza Scott (-41): The Texas A&M commit was not nationally ranked by one of the networks.
  • 115. Saeed Blackwell (-34): The Rutgers commit ranked in the top 100 of three services
  • 108. Lorenzo Featherston (-32): His high rank in two networks could not offset his low rank, and unranked status in the others.

Big Gainers 101 to 247

  • 216. Joey Alfieri (+168): The Stanford commit was rated four stars and ranked by three of the services
  • 234. Brian Wallace (+119): The undecided Army All-American made two rankings and is rated four stars by three.
  • 219. Noah Brown (+82): Ranked in three services and rated four stars by all.

Big drops 101 to 247

  • 298. Natrell Curtis (-111): Dropped out of the top 247. Made just one ranking in August, but was rated four stars by each service.
  • 318. Patera Wilson (-92): A top 100 ranking could not offset two three-star ratings.
  • 328. Armani Watts (-87): The A&M commit received a three-star rating from one service and did not make two national rankings.

More big gainers in the top 1000

  • 507. Santos Ramirez (+647): The Evangel Christian safety received a second high-three-star rating.
  • 304. Zach Ledwick (+613): The A&M offensive tackle received two four-star ratings and made two rankings.
  • 795. Jonathan Bonner (+469): Rated three stars by all services. The Notre Dame commit did not make a ranking.
  • 345. Dyshon Sims (+437): The Georgia offensive tackle commit made a national ranking and received two four-star ratings.

More drops in the top 1000

  • 839. Jarvis Cooper (-525): A rating of four stars by one service was negated by a two-star rating of another.
  • 886. RaeJuan Marbley (-453): The Tulane commit received two two-star ratings.
  • 818. Curtis Akins (-349): The Memphis linebacker commit also received two two-star ratings.

It’s worth noting that one recruit jumped more than 1,000 spots in this latest update. Cincinnati offensive guard commit, Luke Callahan, jumped 1,152 spots to 1,376 overall.


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