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A look inside the products at 247Sports and what is on the way.

Crystal Ball soft verbal change coming

soft commit

After expert and user feedback, I’ve decided to change the rules regarding recruits marked as soft commits in the player database. Previously, if a player was soft committed to a school we would: We automatically locked the soft committed school ...

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Crystal Ball score fix in the works

Crystal Ball

We’ve recently had several 2014 recruits enroll at their new school. This caused the  “commit date” of the Crystal Ball predictions to change to the enroll date, instead of the original commit date. This only changes the points scored for ...

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247Sports tech update – January 2014


January is typically a slow month for new products, and heavy on making sure we’ve done everything to handle the traffic we’re going to see leading up the National Signing Day. The last thing you want during the busiest time ...

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December at 247Sports tech

247Sports Tech

December is always a big month for our 247Sports technology team. Typically, we’ve wrapped up new products for the year by now and are in full preparation for National Signing Day (NSD). We’re close to that this season, but have ...

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247Sports Crystal Ball push notes

Fournette Crystal Ball

Along with the Crystal Ball 2.0 additions, we’ll be fitting in a few bugs fixes as well. Below is the list and some notes on things coming tonight. Apologies in advance for misspellings. This was typed up very quickly. 247Sports ...

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