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Crystal Ball soft verbal change coming

After expert and user feedback, I’ve decided to change the rules regarding recruits marked as soft commits in the player database. Previously, if a player was soft committed to a school we would:

  • We automatically locked the soft committed school from new predictions
  • Run scoring totals for experts who correctly predicted the school
  • Allow Flip Alerts to be added for other schools

After the changes are made, if a player is a soft commit to a school:

  • We will not automatically lock the committed school
  • We will not run the scoring totals for experts who have correctly predicted the soft commit
  • We will allow predictions for any schools until the player becomes a hard commit for a school (after which we will allow Flip Alerts until the player signs)

Note: Players currently flagged as soft commits, will need their locks manually removed by the Crystal Ball mayor. You can tweet me and I’ll remove it too, but don’t tell the mayor!

Any more questions? Leave a comment, or tweet me at the link below.

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