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Scout.com Profile
Scout.com Profile

4 steps to getting a recruiting profile on Scout.com

I’ll just be going over the contact options for Scout.com in this article. For more about the process, and the information experts look for, please read my write-ups on getting a page on 247Sports and Rivals.

If you’re not one of the 1000s that will get a player page on Scout.com just by being noticed on the field, or recruiting, there are a few things to try to improve your chances.

  • Try the recruiting forum (success rate: Low): Scout.com has a Recruiting 101 forum on its football recruiting channel. Besides the FAQ post, there isn’t much traffic here and it’s hard to tell if the experts check it often.
  • Contact a national or regional expert (success rate: Medium to High depending on your recruiting): Scout.com has a contact page for its national and regional football recruiting experts, and basketball recruiting staff. Your success in getting a profile page from contacting one of these experts is based off of contacting the most relevant expert, and having the recruiting interest to prompt contact. Unless you’re holding multiple offers from major Big 6 schools, avoid the national experts. Instead, reach out to the closest regional expert. They’ll have the most reasons to add you to the database of this group.
  • Contact the high school local expert (success rate: Low to High depending if your state High School site is active): Yes, Scout has a high school state site for each state, but most do not have recruiting experts dedicated to the site. If you’re lucky enough to play in a state that does, contact the recruiting expert at the site. If no email address is available on the site for the expert, try finding them on twitter.
  • Contact the team site recruiting expert (success rate: Medium to High): Your best chance besides a regional expert is to contact the Scout recruiting writer at one of the schools recruiting you. The list is here. Again, some markets may not have a dedicated recruiting writer, but more than not there is an expert you may reach out to. If you cannot find contact information on the site, click on a recruiting article from the site, and search for the author on google, or twitter.

Scout.com adds 1000s of profiles each recruiting year. Getting your information to the right expert, and having recruiting information for the expert to report are keys to getting a profile on any network.


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