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Hudl testing new athlete pages

It looks like the new player page improvements that Hudl has mentioned in previous blog posts are beginning to show and be tested. It’s hard to tell if this is a slow roll-out, or just A/B testing at this point. Most of Hudl’s existing player pages still have the old look, but I did stumble upon a couple that featured some enhancements (example: Running back Kesselly Tyler).

The new look features a responsive design profile with a little more graphics in the  header.  All the previous information is there, but instead of the left column of information it’s layered at the top. There’s a lot more white space in this version, and the social sharing icons are more prevalent in the header and video.

Some users may not like having to scroll to see the initial video. As a talent evaluator, I miss the very clear left-hand information box, mostly because I’m constantly reminding myself how big the prospect is. Initially, I had to look pretty hard to see the high school/team.  However, the players will love this new view, and packaged along with the previous enhancements, Hudl has shown it’s not finished innovating yet.

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