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Excited to join the ComicBook.com team

I was pumped to read The Tennessean’s article on ComicBook.com this morning. It was great to see myself, my friends and co-workers in the photos and reading the excitement they have about the site’s current state and future.  It also reminded me of why I signed on to lead innovation and products two months ago after watching to site for five years.

It’s not an easy decision to add the effort it takes to drive a site’s innovation in the middle of 247Sports National Signing preparations (which went incredibly well) and during a rewrite of the entire 247Sports network. Here’s are some of the reasons I took on the challenge:

Shannon Terry: I like working with Shannon. He told me he wants to build a monster site. That’s enough reason already. More importantly, Shannon does things the right way. I like working with passionate leaders who work. Shannon is that and more.

Numbers: The visits, page views and unique users growth ComicBook has experienced during the past couple years are a credit to Joe Blackmon and his team. I had nothing to with that, but will do all I can to help accelerate their efforts. I’m dedicated to making these currently impressive numbers fractions of our future traffic. However, I’m also intrigued about the numbers that have not changed. The pages per visits, the duration and bounce rate. These are things I will impact greatly. I know how to keep people around. I’m excited about these challenges.

ComicBook.com numbers

Free content: I have nothing against paywalls. They have been great to me and the companies I work for. It’s just nice to see what we can do without being behind a paywall 90% of the time.

Building another team: We have a great team at 247Sports, and are doing the same with ComicBook. We’re hiring new developers to add to both teams, and we were able to offer one of our developers at 247Sports, Kevin Brand, a lead position with ComicBook. I’m looking forward to building teams that broaden our knowledge base and become insightful resources for both companies. I need both companies to create a ton of products during the next few years. It’s going to be hard, but should be a ton of fun. This kind of opportunity and atmosphere doesn’t come around often.

I could continue to list reasons, but I you get the point. It’s a huge opportunity. It’s a huge challenge. It’s what I do.

About Noah Stanley

Noah Stanley has 15 years experience in the subscription-based affinity site industry working in multiple networks and roles. He is currently the COO of 247Sports with a focus on tech, products and mobile.

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