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National Signing Day

Late January 247Sports tech update

The entire company is excited about National Signing Day (NSD) and working hard to make it a great experience for our users. The tech team is currently working on three projects geared towards NSD at the moment, crucial to making it through the day. Each of the projects revolves around performance on signing day ranging from making sure things update in a timely manner, to making sure things cache properly to handle the traffic. It’s a delicate balance when you’re talking about 100’s to 1000’s of things updating and changing every few seconds across the network.

Twitter in boards

Twitter post in a 247Sports board post

In addition to NSD prep, the team is working on our huge board rewrite project. Things are slowly turning the corner there with most of the issues surrounding dependencies and requests per second. While the back-ends have been working on the performance, the front-ends have had time to improve a few things. For instance, Adam Dillon recently added the embed twitter ability to board posts (right). We’re also working on a few improvements for our admins, that I’d like to get further along before talking about them. Needless to say, as our site communities continue to grow, we need to give our administrators better tools to handle the good and bad scenarios that come with more users.

Other projects currently being worked on

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