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MaxPreps launches local market sites

Last week, MaxPreps.com unveiled its first 11 (New York, Sacramento, Dallas, Los Angeles, Denver, Bay Area, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Cincinnati) of 40 metro area homepages.

The move to more localized coverage is a smart one by MaxPreps. Every study I’ve been a part of in High School sports coverage points to fan and participant interest being greatest around their team and opponents, then interest quickly begins to deteriorate the further out you go (City, Class, State, National). MaxPreps has all the data to make any level of coverage possible.

I gave the new metro pages a shot. As a Hamilton (Los Angeles) graduate, I chose the Los Angeles metro area first. All the data was localized (leaders, schedules, scores, news). The display was similar between, tablet and phone thanks to the responsive design. The only thing that threw me a bit was when I searched for my school (Hamilton), the search was still a national search instead of localized. The results took me to the MaxPreps page and off the metro site. I got what I needed, but expected to stay on the metro site. I would have liked to have a school search on the scoreboard too. As with anything, the big, or fortunate schools that have fans, or news coverage using Qwixcore, taking photos and video really benefit from this new look.

On September 5, MaxPreps will launch sites in Miami, Houston, Charlotte, Austin, Fresno, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh, San Antonio, San Diego and Seattle. For the full release schedule visit the MaxPreps metro pages release.

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