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The CheckerBoard

Mid-October 247Sports community rankings

The top six boards from September remain the same. Among the top five, the only possible No. 1’s would be Round Table and tRCMB. The two are very close in size and have each been No. 1 on-and-off for years now. Front Row, Proving Grounds and Bodda Getta are not close enough to take a second place spot from one of the top two, however the three are close enough to each other that those ranks could change month to month. After that, there are another 15 boards that could grab any of the spots from 6-20. Inside the Bubble has become the most steady of those 15 sites, and is the best bet to jump into the next tier of communities. This month’s largest vault into the top 10 so far is The CheckerBoard, up seven spots into No. 7.

Mid-October’s Top 40 247Sports message boards

      1. BamaOnLine (September 2013 rank: 1): BOL Round Table
      2. SpartanTailgate (2): tRCMB
      3. Bucknuts (3): The Front Row
      4. TheBigSpur (4): Palmetto Proving Grounds
      5. AuburnUndercover (5): The Bodda Getta
      6. Horns247 (6): Inside the Bubble
      7. govols247 (13): The CheckerBoard
      8. Lions247 (11): The Lions’ Pride
      9. OUInsider (10): Owen Field
      10. GatorBait (7): Alligator Alley
      11. Network (9): The Blue Board
      12. DuckTerritory (16): Autzen Audibles
      13. Noles247 (12): Unconquered
      14. VTScoop (15): The Tunnel
      15. FightOn247 (14): Fighton247 Board
      16. Gigem247 (8): Junction
      17. Dawgs247 (19): The Junkyard
      18. InsideTheU (18): Through the Smoke
      19. InsideMDSports (20): Inside Scoop
      20. Geaux247 (17): Geaux247 Board
      21. BearsTruth (22): BearsTruth Board
      22. Bulldawgs247 (21): True Maroon
      23. BlueandGoldIllustrated (25): Rockne’s Roundtable
      24. Badger247 (28): Badger247 Board
      25. Wahoos247 (24): The Grounds
      26. Wolverine247 (23): Wolverine247 Board
      27. InsideIndiana (29): Basketball Board
      28. InsideMDSports (27): Off-Topic
      29. Bucknuts (26): Around the ‘Shoe
      30. SpartanTailgate (NR*): Jack Breslin Forum
      31. InsideMDSports (30): General Sports Water Cooler
      32. HoistTheColors (31): Pirate Talk
      33. Hawgs247 (32): Hawg Heaven
      34. SpartanTailgate (NR): Duffy Daugherty Forum
      35. InsideTheVille (34): Red Rage Pigskin
      36. EerSports (NR): Country Roads Confidential
      37. HuskersIllustrated (33):  The Bone Yard
      38. BearcatJournal (35): Carson Field Football Board
      39. CatsPause (NR): The House of Blue
      40. Rebels247 (NR): The Shark Tank

Just missed: Kansas, Washington, Vanderbilt, Iowa

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