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Mobile page leads 247Sports network for 4th straight month

Yesterday, I was beginning some planning for our 247Sports mobile apps. I wanted to challenge my thoughts on what has, and has not been successful on our mobile web efforts to make sure I carry that over, or fix it on the app. During my research I found some interesting numbers that I’ve highlighted below.

  • February marked the fourth straight month that a mobile page type on 247Sports led the network in page views. Since November, home pages have been viewed more on mobile than than they have on the full web. Full web home page received the second most views.
  • The BOL Roundtable‘s mobile view has been third each month during that time period. In comparison, the Roundtable’s full web view has an average rank of 6.75 with a high of five (November 2013 and January 2014) and low of 10 (February).
  • Mobile views have had more pages in the top 10 of page views since August 2013 (tied full web with five in July). Mobile has had a high of seven in the top 10 twice (November 2013 and September 2013).
  • During the past 12 months (March 2013 – February 2014) mobile web has had more pages in the top 10 than full web eight times. The four other times, the two versions tied at five each.
  • The last time full web had more pages in the top 10 was February 2013.

Flashback to 2010 when I insisted on doing a mobile view for 247Sports. We already had enough to do to launch in a short time period, but when we were building the mobile site I mentioned that it was so good it would drive 50% of our views in three years. A couple laughs, rolls of the eyes and not only did we hit that, there’s no sign of it slowing down. #CrystalBall

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Noah Stanley has 15 years experience in the subscription-based affinity site industry working in multiple networks and roles. He is currently the COO of 247Sports with a focus on tech, products and mobile.

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