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RaiderPower adds Johnson to staff

One of the top Texas Tech communities, RaiderPower.com, has added another staff member, Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer Jarret Johnson.

It’s always nice to add staff to powerhouse sites. With Johnson, RaiderPower has increased its team coverage. This weekend alone it produced 18 team-based articles with six articles on game day, followed by 11 on Sunday. It’s a good fit for the RaiderPower community that leans more towards team coverage than recruiting. However, in my opinion, an increase in recruiting coverage is going to be needed to take RaiderPower to the next subscription level.

For what it’s worth, while at rivals.com, I remember being part of a group trying to recruit RaiderPower to the network. From what I remember, they chose to go a different way (Scout), and we padded our site published by¬†Robert Giovannetti with the addition of Chris Level. Looks like it has worked out well for all.

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