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The Blue Board

The stuggles of finding the right board colors

We pushed a system yesterday that allows us to change the colors/skin of our boards. It has not been received with much praise, but admittedly our first couple attempts were not home runs. We’re going to continue to try different combinations of border and color additions on the Blue Board, and allow team site publisher to add the colors to their boards too. We’re currently experimenting with the best color combination for sites like Auburn (legitimate primary and secondary colors).

The funny thing is that the lack of colors on the boards has always been brought up by users as something we’re missing, then we add the flexibility and everyone wants to keep it the old way.

The one thing we may finally say is the Green Board is green. Like it or not, it’s green.

In other news, the Big Ten Board (beta) has been removed from the network. I’m not sure why it lasted this long other than it hasn’t been a concern of anyone’s, but yesterday I pulled the plug on the test.


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