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Upcoming 247Sports bug fixes for December

We are getting close to pushing some of our final bug fixes for 2014. We’ll continue to push forward with site optimization in December and January, but for the most part bug fixes will be completed with this next release. Here’s are some of the fixes we hope to get out soon:

  1. Fixing expert twitter feed: Look and feel and connectivity issues
  2. Team Rankings total number fix: Removing walk-ons from the total if admin accidentally puts the kid as a committed walk-on.
  3. Latest commit page sort: Right now it’s by date then 247Sports Composite rating. It will be sorted by date, time of commitment then 247Sports Composite.
  4. Adding back the link to view all Crystal Ball predictions on mobile player profiles
  5. Advanced recruit search: Fix the issue displaying results with teams that have a “&” in their name.
  6. Crystal Ball record: Expert right/wrong record getting set to 0 of 0, or not correct
  7. Crystal Ball results: Fixing issue that some correct Crystal Ball picks show as incorrect
  8. Crystal Ball trends: Fixing a percentage issue on some recruit Crystal Ball graphs that are incorrectly displaying the proper percentages
  9. Fixing spacing on college choices in our tools
  10. Add timeline event error fix
  11. Adding “save and add another” to timeline admin tools
  12. Social: Issue that is adding the subdomain of the expert to social
  13. Social: Fixing issue (hopefully) with the tweet this mechanics on Crystal Ball predictions
  14. Styles: Clean up on player search
  15. Crystal Ball display on IPhone4 iOS6: Not displaying the expert
  16. Player Page: Short name for non-US states that have a ranking
  17. See More on recruiter rankings: Taking a long time to load and more not be cache issue
  18. Crystal Ball: Recruit Crystal Ball module adding empty picks
  19. Crystal Ball: Fixing an issue that creates a conflict when attaching a Crystal Ball user to a recruit profile
  20. Crystal Ball: Fixing a styles issue with long hyphenated names being displayed on an expert’s Crystal Ball predictions
  21. Social: Adding “recommendations” to twitter share


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Noah Stanley has 15 years experience in the subscription-based affinity site industry working in multiple networks and roles. He is currently the COO of 247Sports with a focus on tech, products and mobile.

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