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How to use the 247Sports quote & multi-quote tools

In our latest platform update that came out in April, the board post quoting system received a new look and a few new features. The steps below run your through the basics of the new system.

The traditional quote reply button that everyone is familiar with is still there to allow you to quote the message you want to specifically reply to quickly.

247Sports quote button

Just click Quote and the reply window will open with the post you quoted already in it.

247Sports quote open

If you want to quote a reply from another post, or quote more than one post in your reply, use the Quote link under the post text to save it to your quote bank.

247Sports quote link

Clicking the quote link will store it in your quote bank. To access your quote bank, click the quote icon (highlighted in red on the left below) when replying, or starting a new topic.

247Sports Quote Bank

The quote will be placed into the post where your cursor is currently located. After you insert it, you may type a reply to it and insert additional quotes to reply to in a single thread. In the example below, quotes are highlighted in red and replies are in blue.

247Sports quote replies

The quotes you use in your replies, or new topics are stored in your quote bank for use at any time. Use the pagination system to jump around and find the quote you are looking for from the past. Quotes are listed from your most recently quoted to your first use of quote.

247Sports quote pagination


  • You may remove parts of the quote to specific exactly what you’re commenting on. Just remove the text you do not want to quote between the [quote id=] and [/quote] prior to replying.
  • Do not modify the text inside the brackets [ ] (the part specifically that includes [quote id=] and [/quote]), or you risk messing up the quoted post’s display in your reply.
  • If you want to save someone’s post for future reference, you may use the quote link to save the post. You do not have to immediately reply, or use the quote.

If you have any further questions PM me on 247Sports, or tweet your question to me on twitter at the link below:


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